Executive Assessment

A complete view of Executive strengths and potential. 

Reliable Insights

Too often, when recruiting - internally or externally - through their own means, companies make tough recruitment decisions based on incomplete or unreliable information. Our Executive Assessment practice provides Boards and CEOs a comprehensive assessment with accurate and reliable insights into Executive talent before critical hiring or promotion decisions are made.


As with the Executive Search process, we assess candidates against client's specification, using behavioural interviews and psychometric testing, which can reveal objective strengths and weaknesses, as well as the underlying drivers behind performance. This gives our clients additional insight to confidently identify the best available talent for key positions and how an individual could best be advanced. 

  1. Assignment specification;
  2. Psychological interviews;
  3. Psychometric testing;
  4. Delivery: our delivery consists of an individual written report, with in-depth appraisal against the specification.

Executive Assessment also applies to Succession Planning and to Acquisition and Merger Integration.