Executive Search

High-impact recruitments using a direct-approach methodology for senior-level key positions.

True Talent Advantage

The Right Talent Is Always Within Reach

Executive Search is our core business. High-impact recruitments using a direct-approach methodology focusing on potential senior-level candidates who are currently employed in target companies and are not active in the job market - CEO, C-suite, VP, Director and other senior-level key positions. 

Our Executive Search methodology emphasizes a customized direct-approach combined with speed in execution, reflecting our consultants' experience, the research capabilities of our firm and our daily work to build a talent pipeline for anticipated business.

  1. Assignment Definition: Developing a customized position and candidate specification, detailing the company, the role, responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position as well as the required experience, qualifications and competencies.
  2. Planning: Search strategy and research-list definition.  
  3. Research: Targeted research into companies, to find passive candidates with relevant skill-sets and qualifications. Approaching to potential candidates to test their interest in the role.  
  4. Assessment: Rigorous interviews with candidates on their proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes. 
  5. Shortlist: Presenting the most qualified shortlist of candidates based on in-depth appraisal against the specification. The number of candidates presented will depend on the characteristics of the job and on candidate availability. 
  6. Closure: Client interviews, negotiation and onboarding. Assisting in negotiations over compensation and other terms to help finalize the search. 
  7. Follow-up: Regular contacts with client and candidate to follow up the placement. 

One-year Guarantee

Confident in our ability to address challenges that Boards and CEOs face, and in our proven capability to deliver candidates who will make an impact and move the business forward, we offer a one-year guarantee on our Executive Search service.


80% of our business is in Portugal, and 20% are international assignments. All companies, especially within the emerging markets, have a growing need to combine local talent and high potentials from across the world. Over the years we've established a reputation as one of the top firms in Portugal with effective international reach across Europe and Portuguese-speaking countries like Angola, Mozambique and Brazil.


75% of our assignments result from repeated business - reflecting our clients’ satisfaction - and 25% is new business. In the last three years we’ve registered 95% successful induction programs and only 5% guarantee calls.

Sector Practices

When critical leadership and recruitment decisions need to be made, we are the adviser of choice among large and medium-sized organisations across a range of sectors - Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Industrial and Automotive, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Business and Professional Services, Consumer and Retail, or Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation.